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We are currently closed for inventory and relocation to a new shop.  Thanks for understanding, we expect this move to take several weeks and hope to be back up running by April 1st.  We will keep you posted!

Our phone number is 781-545-0567.  Our old 800 number has been disconnected, please do not call that number, it belongs to someone else!

Welcome to Emporium Naturals, a company dedicated to offering the finest ingredients for all of your soapmaking and personal-care needs. Our philosophy is simple... we only sell what we use ourselves. With 30 years of soapmaking and personal-care experience, you will find that we are not the average supplier. We offer consistent quality as a true wholesale market for natural ingredients to fit your production needs. We care about your success. We know it's not easy to balance the joy of discovery and experimentation with the cost and hard work involved in turning your dream into a reality.

That's why we offer the selection you will find here. Along with classic packaging, we carry what you need to make natural, healthful soap and personal care products. The most successful soapmaker is the one who anticipates the inventory needed for the upcoming season and stocks only those ingredients required to make that goal. We believe that every ingredient in every product should have some skin-care value to contribute to the product you make. Keeping in mind that most ingredients should have dual purpose in serving at least two products, you will find that more of your profit will actually stay in your pocket and not in the inventory closet as overstock.

Our goal is to provide the most classic, yet comprehensive line of natural ingredients and packaging for your production. Symmetry and style appeal to the public as much as the quality of the product. We require no minimum purchase. Whether you are making natural products for yourself and family or producing for the public, your order is welcome.

Remember, keep it simple, keep it natural and keep it cost effective!

Best Regards,

Julia Peterson,
The Natural Soapmaker

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